Our Story

Combining food and culture comes naturally – it’s been in focus all of my life. From my grandfather’s own family and the circle of Louisiana families in the Frenchtown and 5th Ward/Kashmere Gardens areas of Houston, I learned about Creole cooking. It was similar to and long-married to my grandmother's East and Coastal Texas traditions, but eating with the families of Frenchtown, the ubiquities were clear. How could food be similar, related, wildly different, and sometimes completely unique?

Then I learned there was something back there in our family that was ‘French.’ And then something called ‘Texan.’ And then ‘Southern.’ 

Much like an onion, any particular household tradition may be wrapped around layers of other traditions. 

And as we go along, as adults, we seek new layers, learned from people, places, and cultures we have experienced. We graft those skins onto our own onions. Sometimes, we pass that onion on to someone else’s family dish.

Food + Cultures is like that.  Sometimes, we share this knowledge through artwork, crafts, designs, colors, and photographs of a culture. More and more, we share it through understanding the food practices and edibles.

Let us help you create curated food experiences, tell stories through thoughtful, creative menus, anchored in scholarly review, and add a new layer of understanding to your exhibit, cultural event, or gallery show.

Or come when we seek to add to our individual onions at one of our Chef to Chef or Join Us food activities at our home at The Cook’s Nook.


Joi (and the food+culture team)